The sailboat


Geluk, in Dutch means Happiness

My boat is a sturdy 15-meter sailboat made of naval aluminum, registered for oceanic navigations.

This boat was built for great navigation and life on board, it is nothing like any boat that we have seen in a marina.

The impression that people have to look at it is that it is like a tank ... and no wonder, since everything is built very sturdy. Its interior is very cozy but also is designed for life on board navigations, for all its spaces are designed so that we can ensure or perform daily activities safely. Rigged in cutter, with a strong tackle all of it over sized and with additional security measures.

4doubles cabins
1adventure to discover

Safety and comfort on board

1. Safety
Equipped with all the necessary and required safety accessories, multiple electronic equipment, autopilots: electrical, hydraulic and wind.
2. Resistance
Its resistance is more than proven over many miles by various seas, taking his exploits crossing the Atlantic to the contras, undergirding for about 3000 miles.
3. Comfort
Inside, all in oak, it is very cozy. It has 4 cabins which can accommodate 8 people, kitchen where cooking any dish that we feel like taste ... bathroom with hot water, dining room, etc ...
4. Accessories
Many accessories for the enjoyment of the holidays! We have a dinghy with 2 motors, aquatic toys for kids, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling goggles, scuba diving with bottles and refill compressor, fishing rods and various games to enjoy many moments.