Teclo, the Captain

I am Teclo Gonzalez, captain of this magnificent ship. Live aboard for over twelve years, I have visited many countries over the years and many thousands of miles sailed with all kinds of sea and wind intensity. I have crossed the Atlantic several times, even upwind for 3000 miles. I have done many great navigations high, without crossing the Atlantic, sometimes they are even more complicated by having a lot of wind. I have met many great people and anchored in beautiful bays attending numerous sunsets, many of them truly spectacular ... I fish many fish, some large, diving or snorkeling in bottles havens of infinite colors ... This is my way of life, the one tha I want to have and share with many more people ...

The Captain
12years sailing
3000browsed miles
50countries visited
1passion: the sea

Emotion in every detail

1. Experienced sailor
With several crossings of the Atlantic and 12 years of experience and multiple journeys, expeditions and ocean voyages, some of great complexity.
2. Great knowledge of fishing, snorkeling, and water sports
As a good lover of the sea, Teclo is passionate about water sports in general, and fishing and diving in particular, and will be happy to share pleasant moments discovering the marine environment with anyone who is willing to immerse themselves in their world.
3. Love for good cooking!
Let yourself be delighted by the flavors of the sea! Delicious rice and lobsters, freshly caught fish, exotic fruits, natural juices and soothing cocktails at sunset ... All in the best company!
4. Excellent host
Because your boat is your home, Teclo is looking forward to sharing his space with anyone who wants to soak up life at sea, making them feel part of his adventure, and pampering every detail to make his guests feel like they are at home.