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We have selected these 2 options:

To the Caribbean.
To Europe.

All the people who like the sea and its surroundings have thought of crossing it and having those experiences that other good sailors already had.
This program is designed for those people who want to live for three weeks a challenge of overcoming, to practice nautical knowledge or to increase them. All this you can do in the Atlantic crossing .
Undoubtedly it is an adventure that will mark us very positively, because even today, the pleasure of crossing the Atlantic by sail is reserved for only a few people.

Throughout the course we can practice our knowledge of navigation, improve some, both on deck by combining the sails and analyzing the behavior of the boat and autopilot, as well as practicing all chart navigation, position reading on the chart, Courses, meteorology, and use of electronic instrumentation … we can also relax reading a book or watching the sea and its animals, appreciating the beautiful colors in the sunsets, and the stars during our night guards.

Choose the dates or the trip that you are most interested in, and contact us to clarify any doubts.
Start to enjoy your dream.

Capacity: 6 passengers
Cabins: 3 doubles
Available Options: Shared boat

What’s included and what’s not

  • Captain and crew
  • Wifi
  • Fuell and fresh water
  • Bed Linen and towells
  • Snorkeling and fishing equipment, diving, windsurfing
  • Inflatable two-seater kayak and water toys for children
  • Final clean
  • Food and drinks on board
  • Flights
  • Transfers to the boat
  • Entry Fees
  • Personal expenses and fees

To the Caribbean:

In the month of November and starting from the Canary Islands we will head south to the Cape Verde Islands, being able to reach them or not. Once in Cape verde or next to these islands we will position west course until arriving at the island that we have programmed in the Caribbean. The total of the crossing will be of a duration near the 21 days in which we will realize about 3000 miles.

The crossing takes place between the parallels 27N and 17N, which is a pleasant journey because of its good temperature, having a bearing winds and normally absence of temps, although we will find some moderate showers.

To Europe:

In the month of May and starting from the island of Antigua and Barbuda we will head north. Once we were near the Bermudas Island we will change our course until we get East course, until we reach the Azores.

The total length of the trip will be about 21 days and we will make about 3000 miles.

The crossing takes place between the parallels 17N and 40N, so that when leaving Antigua the weather will be warm, but with the passing of the days will become colder. The prevailing winds near Antigua are of NE component and we will only find winds of the O at the height of the island Bermudas, these are the ones that mainly impelled us during almost all the crossing, although it can give the possibility to take some temporary or to be near To some, and that the wind enters us of another component.


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