Practical information

All information for you to make your trip a perfect experience

Travel options

Family travel – Travelling with children

The family travel mode is designed for couples with children, who do not complete the 7 seats of the boat, but they will have the full boat for their own exclusivity.
The difference with the group mode is the economic side, because we feel solidarity with them and make a special price in order to facilitate they to can also enjoy this form of vacation.

Groups travels

For those looking for group travel, we have this mode, designed for groups up to 7 people, where the ship will be exclusive to them.

Shared Boat

This mode is for those who want to travel alone, with friends or with a / a colleague. These would join others in the boat. Can be up to 7 people. It’s a nice way to meet other people and expand our view of things and knowledge.

Life on board

Life on board on cruises

During cruises, we have a routine that is marked by the guards are going to do.
We woke up depending on our guards timetables.
During these guards who are on duty, along with the captain, will be responsible in making maneuvers candles, make navigational calculations, annotations position, observation of electronic instruments and the horizon in order to identify ships.
Those who are not on duty can do what they most want them.

Life on board on holidays

Life on board is simple, you can wake up when you want, eat what you want, you do what ever you want, admiring the beautiful scenery and wonderful sunsets … Those will be days between fun and breaks … you can perform many water activities and excursions, alternating with well-earned breaks before a meal or a drink, or reading a book lying in a hammock.
Holidays in a sailboat are accessible to all people, with small obstacles that supposed to have some stairs and slopes to move inside the ship. Some people are prone to seasickness, but in the morning with taking a simple pill Dramamine with no contraindications, is solved.

What do I bring?


On the boat spaces are small, so we are limited in the things you can carry. You have to be comfortable and practical to select the clothes that you will use, so you can carry maximum one bag per person, which must be a flexible bag type, then to put it in a closet; “you should not take rigid suitcase “.
A camera, our phone and maybe our computer and chargers. Also a small flashlight will be very useful.
You’ll have free time during the trip, so we recommend bringing books, music, hobbies, according to our preferences.
Also bring a beach towel.

How to dress on the boat?

You should use comfortable clothing, and do not forget that night even in summer, cool. In winter, if the countries we visit are near the tropics, the climate is mild, which with a little coat and jacket will suffice us.
Upon arriving at a port might feel like we dress up a little, to get a drink.
We must use a white or a similar shoe sole, black soles as marked on the ship’s deck.
Do not forget to cover our heads with caps, hats or scarves.


Bring your medications, and personal belongings. Inform the captain if medications are taken and what kind.
It is advisable to take medications against seasickness, there can always be a first time.
Bring sunscreen with hight protection factor, some bug spray and some kind of cream for insect bites.


What does the price include?

-The Prices for the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are with full board.
-The Prices for Ocean Crossing Atlantic sailings and do not include food that should be supplied in the teeing ground.
-The Prices do not include fees or buoys ports in case you want to spend the night in one during the holidays.
-The Prices do not include any fee would be paid in case of visiting a national park.
-The Prices do not include transfers to the boat or the boat.